2021 Program
9 December 2021

Care Transformation in Vasculitis
Welcome and Opening Remarks

7:50 am

Presented by the Symposium Planning Committee

Kidney Transplant in Vasculitis

8:00 am

Presented by Dr. Stephen Marks

Objective: To review the strategies and outcomes of kidney transplant for pediatric vasculitis in recent years.

Keynote Presentation: An overview of Takayasu in South Africa and the link to Tuberculosis

9:00 am

Presented by Dr. Chris Scott

Objective: To discuss treatment and outcome of Takayasu arteritis in a low-income country and explore the link with tuberculosis.


10:15 am

Different endotypes of chronic primary systemic vasculitis affecting small-to-medium sized vessels: A new approach to classification

10:30 am

Presented by Dr. Kelly Brown

Objective: To explore and identify key elements of endotypes of systemic vasculitis and the role in classification.

Infection Prevention in Vasculitis

11:15 am

Presented by Dr. Jessica Dunn

Objective: To identify and explore the role of infection prevention in vasculitis.

Closing Remarks

12:00 pm

Presented by the Symposium Planning Committee