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Interesting Vasculitis Case Competition





The Calgary Vasculitis Symposium is committed to giving health professionals opportunities to learn about, share, and discuss recent discoveries in clinical and translational vasculitis research and managing patients with vasculitis. 

The Calgary Vasculitis Symposium is pleased to announce an Interesting Vasculitis Case Competition. Up to 4 prizes will be awarded by the Symposium for the 4 most interesting cases submitted. Any trainees or junior staff (within 5 years of residency/fellowship), medical students, basic scientists in training, and allied health in training are encouraged to apply. Submissions must be a patient case and have a vasculitis relevance. Submissions must be no more than 250 words.

Prize (up to 4 total to be awarded)

1. Presentation of winning interesting vasculitis case at the 2024 Calgary Vasculitis Symposium on 3 October 2024 in Calgary, Canada.

2. Travel and accommodation expenses to and from Calgary.

(Includes return airfare, travel to/from Calgary International Airport, up to 3 nights’ accommodation in Calgary and meals. Other expenditures are at the cost of the winner)

Interesting Case 1

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